Sound Boards for Wave Diffusion

Sound Boards are created to have a reflective surface with maximum diffusion to break up standing waves in any room. They can be milled from any type of wood, such as a standard spruce 2 x 6 found at any lumberyard or you can elevate to walnut or any type of exotic wood. Sound Construction's wave boards are very flexible since they can be milled in 8'-­ 10'-­ and 12' lengths. We can make custom patterns if needed to work to match the design of any room.

The wave board has a great look and would be installed as you would do paneling. It works great in game rooms and man caves where TVs or stereos would be played. The wave board will help with the over all sound quality of any room.

If you are interested in purchasing Wave Boards please call Dave Mattingly at 615.300.0007.