Sound Doors

Sound Muting Doors by Sound Construction Inc. are a cost effective way to deaden noise originating from loud rooms like home theater rooms, kids play rooms, shops, or any place sound is leaking out and interfering with contrasting activities.

The doors are constructed with 2 -­ 1.3/4 fire rated doors 2 glass panes 1 door closer and a continuous hinge for trouble free use. A Standard door is birch skin. 2 sets of door seals will be used to create a great seal and be durable. Push pull handles will be standard commercial style. All doors are custom and made to order all standard sizes and custom sizes can be made, but custom sizes will take a longer lead-­time. Sound Construction Inc. installation prices would be determined by the opening.

With a 12 block wall and 2 of these doors you can silence a marshal amp with a 4-­12 cabinet. 1 of our doors combined with a proper insulated wall, can make an enormous difference if unwanted sound is an issue. Sound Construction Inc. would like to be part of your next project.

If you are interested in purchasing Sound Doors please call Dave Mattingly at 615.300.0007