Recommendations for Dave Mattingly

"Dave is one of the finest individuals I have had the pleasure of working with in a rough and tumble industry. He was always honest, dependable, creative and accomodating. He is an excellent manager of his crew and is a man of his word. He will do anything for his client. Dave has worked with some very high profile clients but has always protected and respected their privacy. He is an excellent choice!"

- Jerry Regan

"My studio had a flood due to a pipe bursting last year. Two of my isolation rooms sustained damage, but the control room sustained severe damage. With much experience and great confidence Dave was able to restore these rooms and take them to a new level sonicly and cosmeticly. I was blown away
at how even though he had worked with such a "Whose who" list of clients, he made me feel like a priority. I knew he was genuinely concerned about doing a great job, even though he was busy with other pending jobs at that time. My room was completely restored and upgraded to perfection. I feel like I have a new studio. I am grateful to know Dave and to have worked with him. Dave Mattingly, hands down, will always be my recommendation for studio construction."

- Bryan White
Recording Artist/Songwriter/Producer

"Dave Mattingly did an incredible job at Blackbird Studios as supervisor over all our new construction/remodeling. Our standards were of the highest caliber and Dave exceeded our expectations ” on all levels."

- John McBride, Owner Black Bird Studios

"Dave turned my unfinished basement into a state of the art recording/mixing facility. He works fast and his attention to detail is amazing. When it comes to studio design and acoustics his kind of experience is hard to come by. I'm indebted to him for helping me achieve the most out of my work space. It has allowed me to do ninety percent of my work at home without having to compromise quality. When it comes to quality Sound Construction Dave is the Man."

- Derek George (Songwriter/ Producer Nashville TN. Written songs for artists like Bryan White, Rascal Flatts, and Diamond Rio.) 

"When someone asks me about you I am quick to say 'reliable and honest who does exceptional work' in this day and age that speaks volumes. Use it as you wish.  I hope that will make your web site because it is true."

- Steven Durr of Steven Durr Designs 

"I have tried other companies, but since 1988 Sound Construction is the only place I have turned. Their work ethic, talent, honesty and attention to detail are uncompromised. We have too many projects together to list, we will have many more."

- Gary Backman, VP of Operations, Imagine Integrations, LLC


Peter Frampton

By Michael Barbiero
Nov 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Who designed your home studio?

I had been to many, many studios. I remember going to the Townhouse, the Phil Collins room, and the combination of surfaces in that room was wood, stone, a little bit of fabric and no parallel walls! And it was very tall. It was the smallest room, but very tall. And the drum kit got set up right in front of a stone-faced fireplace that went from floor to ceiling. So, basically, I made my studio area [like that]. I call it the drum room. If the drums don't sound good, I'm frustrated. That's where it all starts. The drummer drives the band, and the drums have to sound great. I have sidewalls of cherry wood, the complete wall behind the drums is stone and then, opposite where the drums face, I have a little bit of padded fabric and more wood.

So you did it yourself, based on your experiences in the past.

Yes. But I did have someone: Dave Mattingly, who built Chuck Ainlay's studios, Backstage and Soundstage, and a lot of other studios around the country. I know the ingredients of a great studio, and he knew how to make a great control room and how to make a control room sound. And I'm not using big speakers; I'm only using near-fields with a subwoofer. So it was hit or miss. But I have to credit Dave Mattingly with building me a phenomenal studio.


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